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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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> >> mgoodorningo t ourie vwers he in t west. i itays fridar, januthy 29 , 16 20. om welccbe to "iss thni morng." >> do> ldnaru tmpes triow to n ni the esght, doypite bg cottin re the anpublice. debat ri gop akvals tm e aiedat t fe a tmalecheas er icuacsed h ofngelpiee thrnm i eatese scap a fromor califilnia nhe mainunt iftensies. >> re> mon thawa100 tslmar os clored fd goo nlast.ightco itmmunacies trossouhe c ntryar ine feelget bd.raye b wehiegin tins morn ag with a looky't toda os "eye"pener.ur yo i worldecn 90 sonds.> >>adlet's thdress hae elep nt t nohein t room. or>> f mrsy peon, allya good in th bg, ahiad tng?wi etll i gor me s?vote ll wi i gets les tevo? dy nobo knows. or>> reponter: dumald trlsp rivath p e go. debate e >> likadthe acaremy liis is ake the academywards. e >>e veryons on thiisstage st faupid, ut, andgly.
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p trumn portio tout of!he way >> id kin ofs mislddona. trump he a was le ittltebeddy ar to . me e >> hebis dg atint righannow d ma doybe gring aneat obd pr ablylo okfoing ar meaynd shaing s yo annen seetrump?>> p onetherson edrillh witlastgh nibat's dete. w >>hae may n ve beea given giftom frhe t linord the es prtiidenacal rree he. >> e > thhafbi les re ased am dr vatic oideof atthe deh of an n oregotimilimba me er. he >> tthy say idey d nilot kl hi m inrunnayg aw. al>> cniifortha auieorits say hanoosnnfariag ravayhi me hav su kliedey miaaterls to da oungersap esced teinmas. >> th> e zaikus vir is sdipreang. mi 4 n lliolepeopld cou be ctinfey ed bthe endth of .e year >> theav ny flyingla pnesha tt thbroke nde sou rrbaier. the soundf obosonic om. m >> aanut in solih caroa na is ha ailedo. her e thecsusp ut gaverap and f.n of>> ohine tngay i s e yveryear onmy th birisday on i dan't wt gi fts. melet w showhyou prat oenah st. th nofring ayom gutle bt thais
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a >>reou y h theesealthit es prtiidenalan ctedida ien th sthiy or tof wheldor? >> a andhall tttt c >>inurtadi of ctstracaion me ck ba tpoo opsireng fe-w throsh ooters. aemichpsl phelnv got , gode will bhithis ts. e>> h 0%10 lookedig rht at us. >> hashe t breeendy anyboe lik lddona p?trum n >>o. woyou hauld o ve t ptakeieces of -- p >> ferhapsstrankenein? af i'm e raid wouare tt ofime.go i nst an aouwer yt of ou. el >> tbol me aenut a bt evolen th g inatthas wlt buipi in ecesan 'ld il use thatlo anat gy nex .time >> he tni ud teatst oesamf a.eric >>hi ts inmorng's eyene opers i enpresbyted tatoyo. t' les gola pces. we tolcome th "cbs is mo g.rnin" e gayl ikingans off tad vini na s ir is.with u > >>idpresalentidi canardates e ma tking fheir pinalinush a iow r afte tone ofanhe strgest
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n seveblrepuanican cs didatemet in as the ltet debae befor ay mondcu's am the s, e timerufront- nner ld dona h trumpraeld a o lly twmi ayles awde in ins moes. >> s it wae,strangee indd. ketrump ppt hisseromi to bo t ycotatthox few ntes deba. gamajor isrrett s in de moines e wherhethe otblr repuicans ar chriactetrzed d ump aneach r. othe r, majomo good rning. r >>teepord r: goog.mornin tdonaldefrump drsied pentiste lo fbbyingx rom fohanews cirman airoger skles d ippebathe dete an ad held t rallye o raisfunds tefor vergrans oioanizatns. rick smantorupp a aearednd sh omared se of tpohe shttlig. ot anfiher ofrst s thiaicampgn, um trovp pre es hs make wnewshere s he ievand wen hheree n'ist. l>> aet'sssddre e theanlepht t nohein tm rooghtonit. >> or rep pter:cahysiablly sent rsbut fihet on te debatdaagen, fr gop ruont- dnnertronald ump la who hmented dis ownn ecisio tonot show. i>>n' did tt wantero be he, i thaveono be hest. nt i wabeed to f aboutive nu miaytes aw.yo tu havek o sticorup fr you ts righ.
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ve hast to upick yo to igur rhts. u yo thave io dot. >> or rep tter: srumpheaid is ra5 ed $iomillr n fovenstera ou grndps awo then anderedllowedat whin skippdeg the igbate mht mean. i >>ors it frs me pe aonally higood tbang, a g?d thin wi illet gor mvoe wtes,i ill ssget le? votes knobodynows. th who e khell?nows ep >> r oorter:ngne thi was ea clrur, twnmp ot ed at leaspart ofig the nht. >> m i'm aaniac. erand evn yone otathis sge is idstupt,, fa u enand, bre, you'ri a terble rg sueon. th now veat we'n gottenathe dold p trumioportt n ou wof the ay.t' >> iabs not naout dompld tru. a he'sten guyhe e is thstgreateon show ea rth. i >>of kind s mis tdonaldrump. as he wtl a lity e teddo bear tme . >> us jeb b'th wasn f farrom p' trumnds mir. eithe h >>roe is plobably fooking r me. i hengs sayian, has syoneeen um trp?wh tere isrump?er whe? is he r >>r:eportece at tanter sorge fe thtifirst ndme ani runecng nk d an wnecktrith inump ow i ta,edcr amuz becrge a taet.
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rbeenpland aeasetettack d d an o marcsepleak attacd ted anjeb,pl ttease ad.ack tesh go. y ifs ou guye ask oneamore mn qu onesti, hai may leve to ave e thstage. ep >> r torter:ghhe tout es ckattas? i ontimmigra ton andhe de tifiniamon of y.nest >> t he isg he kinayof s oing,h, re you' a fortymnes.ev oderybory is fty amnesxc et ep t torued cutz, ba it's ls fas enesofand d ten anth autyenticibl proem. t >>u'ed, yon ve thag willin to sado or hiy anytgeng to tet vos. ar>> madco me e thcechoigo to di the n rectiopoto supesrt amnty usbecahoe he t iughts t wa tipoliadcally eovantagus.i d honoremimy com tment. ep >> r torter:enhe l gthy iechristie's patnce. >> onshingtsh englion dicti ary ve di.rterst heop tl bult and ge things ne do.
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d offereeato appher at te debat he if two netourk wvild prode $5 ll mir ion fonsveteras. cause nethe k twort said it doesn'pay cntrumpigampan bedescrid as th ste most sub antivenv cotiersaonons ss the iue of e th snation feen soar. > >>th"face one natira" mode tor hn joke dics rson ihuin nasa, newha dn, goo g.mornin >> ng mornirl chaie. w >>?ho wons waalit donp,d trumt was ifox ne s ws, wa oit the ther atcandid wes, orthas it e er am picane?eopl>> i wasert amica?we , llini thuak, acthelly, tre wa lls an iiouminatn n of a po imisrtant r sue foicrepublans t indehat ndbate afo so e r thoswh reo caut aboig immtira- on - d an ithatrammig dtione ebatwas ab imout atmigr bion,t ut iwas aalso tboutlahe canim, u d yo ar hendd ral pau imaked t an rcmaruo o biakis miting , too at th c tedisruz s notinhootg st igraitht woph peanle, uzd cr go cht a tancefeo deimnd h self
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i k thinnafor dompld trup,, trum cayou ern eithab talk atout wh ur yoig campabon is ayout or u ca in showt.wh alat donp d trumbydid et gngti t ouhaof tbat dendte adi holng n his owr counteisevent ca basishlly e ow hotis noi g ng akto tmee sog thin hthatnde fi s feofivnsane hed go is toing fi ckght band ad kinn of beethe ag mess he ofamis c paign. t >> srumpisaid th eventun coogter-prg ramminabwas out e thnsvetera. atwas thit what bo was aut, te verans? w >>t ell, iabwas thout e ra vetensbu, itt as wo alst abou m hingtryias to ssertome st threngm , hiinpushckg ba ai agfonst hix, w hchlie be eves d treatefahim unirly. orsome pf tion o ait waslso pe dorhaps meing soththing at he wthinkslpill hens him if tead o e thtedebach whi h couldenave beth eiaser a wt h or ihacould ve be roen a pblem. no he ktaws cerhainly tfot the x de morsratono were int go ag tosk m hi, soft qgentlensuestio. i so t thinkethe vs eranwere ersomewhhae in tx.t miey thno were e t th donly rivingrc foe. ha >> whet is tpa cam tign,he tr mpump caayaign s t wherehis
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at wher vetllans wiit benef?>> ht rigwe now, k don'tnow. bi'llrve inte hiewingerim lat d anini'm goskg to abo him a ut . that the hasheaken t a moneyisnd he in hold ig ontotht for nte mome.d ane'then havll h ae toncnnoue itwhere oi's gng.bu t t righe now, wkndon't ow orwhich tiganiza'sons it goingto . ne >> oqu last esick dobo anyindy w i goinge nto th c iowas?aucudo hies tlps hedy anybo? i >>, don'tt i don'sothink .me i 'san, itbo all aouut yr g closinntargumeha and tt is g goine to have to comheover t ne plxt couaye of ds.t buk i thini -- so k thin ab probngly thiwhs are eyere th efwere bweore t wenheinto t . debate>> s, thank john. u yon cah watcinhis w tervie withdo tnald arumparnd mubco rn io o e "factithe na son" ononunday cbs. >> e> them dtiocrac race inow ia s istill closend as it' g etting r.roughe arhilly inclanton rnd beie sa s nderbaare fttlingryor eve . vote r theierdiffs encettare geg insh r arpesoand th is caeir mpaignet rh.oricna rdncy coines is m dess oine clwhere wiinton d ll hol her t firsaicamplygn rale of thday.
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or>> rep gter:rnood deonnding ay the d , each id candisate in try cg to tlaimhemo hiral rogh g aund,ngrguiy thear one the ites wpoh the sitive mp ca.aign wibut usth jt apl coue oysf da le thft, eru tth ish botid ses e arhl higsightac eh otsher' ak weesness. y >> m agoalurs yosi pre idents rtoaiouse ycor inme. wi i otll nse raidl midase cls s.taxe >> or rep iter:o n tw tiowa owns t ondahursliy, c antond rgueshe heis toc demwirat erth ht fee one thndgrou. i >>oi'm go ng ttotry get lepeopvo to orte fso me t thai sacan eny whet i gre theth to e co ssngret , i pu aout mygenda. asit woun't, y j know,e ust piin skthe y. ep>> rr:orteas she wch e aoing "t ashe wnghipoton edst" iaitorlth at sedlammhe tof ltyoa gls of rn beiean sders acts fiion. stheyouay ysl're mingeadi er ams icant abou ywhatanou cet g idonebin a ispartysan s tem. ea>> rlly? n'i dolit betheve at. r >>teeporour: ynk thi c youan co cenvinub repnslicara to ise ta xes? t>> i whinkn e cainconvhece t er am picane eopletto gol invved hein tit pol il>> h claryonlint! r >>teeporlir: c antonlso
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al hearth cane pl. e >> hs wanttato sllrt ar ove ai agd n angeplun c ourryount ibacka nto dveryivivise ba dete. >> or repr:tede santrrs sbauck ck awith tn addihat amdn't ne n clinto dbut ithaidn't ve to. ow>> hwa does eell strawt get ay th wi it?ll mi iionsmpn ca aignnt cotiribuond s ankispeaeeng fs.ou onr ecwoomy forks llr wa etstreau bect'se iggs ri bedy wa trll s eet.>> or rep ater:blt a eroomb g li po bticsfareaksast, s nder d crie. foul t >>ishis ie a l a, anbsutole li e. r >>teeporftr: alier c nton al esliug sstge hedmie ght bepl ngannibu to aus in cgocus-ers ofrom sthers.tate ea>> rlly?is t wha atheyayre sing? d base- on -owyou kn -, i am - s this i y--alou touk abt venegatiff stu. ly real?er evy,y dae you'rg beindeflood by o allisf thiv negatf e stuf tfromeche sryretant cli on'ssu c.per pa tthat'ssthe fire i hav ever d heart.of ido i ntn't wate my inangrity d ho tonesty pu be imgned.
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ct seletrive ouage go r theickattaems seos almt af m ar frop the goatcandid es ou abcht ea. other > >>inthe igvestn atio mof aid r aiinbombatg thug broowht dn a ocusingirn an aorport w the llash ki24ed ere r aretseport thaa me icchan wasla pnning and ngplotti a bomb. th ane womo got t oknow onefhe erscapednm iates a asn en h glistotur. ibenuts osidehe tai jl right now.go od inmorng.>> or rephiter: ttos sryas h n take a quiten. turpo
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st are sill inn outherli ca.fornia htheyenave bee on thr run foa we ek. ey th t thinkghhey mibet in liv g anin a vhe and t ny haveitot spl up.d an kwe nowthnow ayey me hav d ha ohelpe n thdeinsi. s jailerhasay thet t three had rohelp fm t autor.ra tavaghi ngught es lish a a co segund lansiage in de thexi macumum seairity jl. stinve borsveelie the -y 44d ear-olveold dealoped fr ipiendshna with yeri. e >> w tknow where as ala reiptionshnd aow har ft intwe whand rethe it was ysph,ical e we'rtryingde to intermate th. d>> i kon'twhnow heat sw. kne k wee now shedprovidom him se rminfon.atio >> or rep hter:saallek heid t menma ivy be lsiing inhide a wte it utilhiy vee.clth ieey bel bve dac suong ttole hen vahuon ty rsdar aftekitat ng i a for dtestri nver eas lo
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ftst aaser lt idfray's 5:00 ha.m.ead uncot, the men medanag s to tnakeghhrou pinlumbg eltunns. wthey'terenor repmited g ssinun rotil y ughlou16 hftrs aer ey thel reptoled ed freroom fm th jae hoile usofro. va ras ghi'geallevod inenlvemt in th aiis jeal brhak ecs s ho ofla mest sumnhr's mar unt fotwo pe escaisd prs.oneryc johee mitcd ll ple fguilty or ug smg glinhajail tt t sweaand ma sett ured to b oak outf onpris. r >>teeporesr: invrstigato are tsayinghehat tch teaerid dn't ov pranide tiy addiooonal t flsor m thisen to .escape ethers i a rdrewa in theor fm of 00 $2.,000 b >>then, yoank u. >> gr> a c aphilonew t ok ae thde cadlyfrontiontaeton b weenpo alicermnd acced orsupie in rewly edleaseo vidws sho the ntmome o theicffs erenopired f e a onte pro dsterg urinafa trfic op st.he was among thee peopl who se ized aer feddlal wilife re .fugeca varter einns is w burns hereve
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dee insi p rightf anel ohis etjackre where the l wasedocat a ad loemed stoi-auto pisl. ti achaons onve censequances d e thanfbi egd ortaon solte pice ie trffd to eesect the atsrres ac pelyeful.>> or rep rter:buyan wandy s in d jurehein tot shoaning d ta inken usto c.tody a in11ll, pl peovee han bee starrended ae facnyfelorg cha es c ofironsptoacy ed impe of fi. cers>> s thi fis aforee l r al gearma!ddon ep>> rr:orte a butdf hanf ul o lepeopll stiai remsin inhede t lh mar euwifeldliug refe in aro ptestr oveer fed laland e ey'rngaski for gntuara eesth heat twoy tn' berr ad esteonce they over.>> do we nen't oned felchy s.arge rewe ang campier out he. arwho he we?urting e who areawe thrngteni? ep >> r forter:opour pele inrema
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hrmon, t houghttis a iorney, s eurginge veryonmawho re ins to t givevehemsels up. >> nu> the f mber oanamerics in wfectede ith thirzika vus is ggrowin this morning. stat lea 31 casesre aep rorted in 11 santates ind washgton, d. c. nt scieayists sir the vus is re spatading ex an ivplostee ra c inalentr s and aouthcameri.r oumechief codical porrest ndendr la. jon s pook ingtracki the at thre., jngood g.mornin>> good rnmooring, d e worl ohealthizrgann atio i saysnen the r,xt yea z theika ru vid s coul 4affectli milon pe orople wdeldwi. e thmpsy itoms fncluderaever, sh d anineye pa.nk pieye. pfourineople edfect wthith e havirus obve no s vioumssympto . is>> it pr now s eading os exply.ivel ep>> rr:ortere theno is entreatmnot and ne vaccihe for t dlrapiady sprekaing zi. virus>> ed we net to ge asomersnswe y.quickl or>> repheter: t s virusd preabysq mo huitoesn as beectdeten ed i
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rnretuhoing rome fmra tngveli oaaabrd. ka zies is alpecianly dusgero forpr ntegnaen wom l andd inketo ch enildrng bein bor awith se s riouitcondcaion lled cr mihaocephely where td heaand n braitoare alo sml. paana o lazzeltravo ed tilbraz lyin earem novd ber any newl napregitnt winh tws. w>> it asn'e awarsehow s riouit s. wa >> or repr:tece con srnedouhe cldbe ec affheted, tye 35-ldar-o cuthe ipr trrt sho b andinack new york. 'm >> ioi gngbe to a fitirst-me mom.we i zynt craau bec wse i ant myba tbies so beafe. r >>r:eporte a south'smerica cafirst zise of irka v us was tedeedctaz in brn il reom thed spreahothrougut thent coaninent tod in s thethou er amanica rid caeabbn. bdr.eth bell at the ccday ss the typef o mos kwee to that rr caziies ka es xistifhe t. u.s ibuts notel likyo t spread as wi hdelyere as pslaceik le
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su ermm os lympicusin augt. er >> hhee in tte unid atstes, er wh pe mostpleovee hans scree in on wmadows, plny peovee ha ai itr-cond, ioning'twe don texpectexo see ivplose akoutbrehes of ta ziks.viru n >> o amondaymi comn ssioap d pointeheby tld worh healt niorgaonzati will hold an ge emeretncy meing in rlswitzeand.e thhead ofhe tti infecous se di basesofranch the nih told a me vaccine triall wil l ikelybe ed starthe by tnd ef o the ye ar. but a widelyil avaablene vacci wo ulde taker seveaal yrs to lodevep. >> tschat's ary. ha >> t, nk youjon. > >>venew detslopmen this inmornicg in ms higan'toxic diwater .sasterat stere worklis in fecnt rd eive fesank driwaing moter nths rebefoid res wentsofere d ferefi s.lter asthis wle revea-md in e ails edrelease by thogwatchd group re proghiss a ilate buecding rwaeived ter co laolers uast s sident owereedffer waterlt fineers nis monthlater. e thr wates coolerquwere, ote, ov prs ided as long ablthe pu ic wa r teesdoee not mtmt treaent re
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wscbs nech reauted oe to thgo 'svernore officmmfor co ent t bu hwenoave art heckd ba. > >> dahead,tronald ump's laescaeuting fwid fthox no anceun tr:s hirtpon io "ofs cb
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nw natio oide is sn your ide co uminghep, t e bigt ffecon sm l alwntos. th ie news is backn the mo g rninghrihet ore"cn tbss hi in morng." an r:nouncepo this ofrtion cb "s mthisngornion" spd soreayby k we je.lersev kiery egss bwiins ayth k.gsyo thu...wee ne:st c oc chatoleve. ln iaocchatol edionam.ds
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irealdingre.ents th owat's h we'rewo g rkinto g brine out ouif ynn're ruinbug a sssine ,ga lem lzooyohas acur bk. ov heer tt lasea10 ye'rs wve lp he med oneliilon si bu onesss wnerstget si vigat lem lzooy todathfor e ga lelpl he n youd eetato srt ruand urn yoin busess. ga lem.lzooal legp hel is he your o ad sescong tedit dy's reaex to e?plod mayou my beinuddlg ro thugalh s.lergie tr ecy zyrt -d p toowfuerlly ea cl br your nlockedose re and yolieve erur othal sylergy .mptoms , socayou thn breae ea llsier a day. eczyrt -d. t atrmhe phaunacy coter. ev inery ncsuralie pocy a has ernumb. nobut ert evray insumpnce coanyun ndderstae s thfeli bitehind .
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fad the esmili'v whoppe suthorted em, ffwe o ber ourseest ervic r inn.etur us . aakn we haow w t itan me ss to.erve anget an insurtece quod anysee wh o92% ofbeur memn rs plastto lay forife. nt waer bladdun leak eaderwatr thve mo ys likeou do?y tr dalwayst iscreedeunearwr wiand , gglelegiggsw, nderve aur swithduoft eaal l kgubaard rsrrie an did a fscreethait thut ygscuour rves. bsoerladdks lea f can eelli nkeg o
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
apthat hpened two m ilesapart. satrump isys hal rlyse rai6d $ n milliotefor verans. k >> looat all theas camer,e lik cathe ademy arawds. sthis iik lehe tca ademy awards. t oncellhis baed start rolling we n' could t stopit. hothe isuse ckpaed. noi'm int go dg toeo that debe ou t of rctespe for semylf. w ion't do it, bauec isetou wld e just bwrong. >> evenh thoug trump bedoycott the dpeebate erople wl e stil kithinbong a.ut himog gosle say its usershe searcd s trump'arname f moreha tnyn a he otidr candate.d tendcruz aco mar w rubioere sere waer intestn ieb j bush d an ben.carson s chriiechrist p, randdaul an hn joic kash didn'te makhe t t charalat l. c thedaanditesen mtioned t rumpon b stageheut tyo alsed battl ch ea o othern the esissu.>> il i wl azepologi to nyobod thfor eor vigesousnits wh which ili wl fight teisrrorm. al>> as yreadn beeoi pnted out, e thy onl b tudgeteded vot i fors aud bgetha ttan rd paul so sponred.>>
8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
rdncy co ies isn doies mnes to lphee makse sen of it.wh aat is uscaucnc, nay? ka >> oy. iheres your csaucu 101. mondayt,nigh 007: p.m.t a more than1,600 prtsesimpgos acrshe t e,stateo pwiple atll gher in olscho gyiumnas cms,hhurc se bas mentevand omen sive prate ho mes. now, just like apr imary, ve whoesr get theos mt votesin wsbu 'st it how they gethe tre th 'sat atl lite erdiffent.>> re whever i gon i ,iowa you kn heow t owcr tds,rehey'ay alws pa . cked od>> gss ble g the sreat otate f wa io. n >>o mratteow hy man srtuppoers owsh a upthe tirli ral-es - >> a im tlehrildo t be .here he>> tth weaer is vntermo heweatr. k thanyou, iowa. he>> ty onl c crowdn'ould tthat lyrealte matsrs i onau ccus ni ght.>> re the are3 2 tshing in west s deesmoin. >> in m dessoinent clion surorteie julto such askis sc inhoolrg helo felwau ccus aicaptns. >>ur o uatltimoae gls io t get pmoreeeopl for arhilly. >> a howyore u? >>
8:06 am
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8:07 am
it swch desis. av >> hu e yod heart abouiebern sa s nderllat a? or>> repheter: t more esprimpgts n,you wi t mheoreel d yegatesou thla p iysnto the testragy, th dee sanrs aicamporgn, f am exasple, h linedlu up vonteer dr ivrs to take college sstudent omfrir thele col tgeownso t r theimehostown to ca.ucusth ayat wll he' bebl ae to sdpreahi ges laras bef oth youup sport ss acro the atste. t >>hank you,na ncy.>> e> ther was anmo ealtion tu rethrn to ice offrse thuday fo r jason iarezan.he ise "thshwagtin pont"os co porrest ndenwho h was eldis prraoner imon for n re thaa ayearalnd a hf. re>> theo 's seomany p ple toth ank. ra my iniannt igaerro ttors molde t thatwahe "gtshinoson pt"id d not exist,ha tot n onene kw of my gh plit andt tha theni uted es statnm goverulent wo ld notift era fingy for me.releas
8:08 am
vee eory p wpleho hpeeldro pve thera is niang wrono in s many ys wa.>> as jon rezaianre appead at thefi ofcialng openi of the 'spost w nequheadrsarte. etsecrofary te stan joh kerry wa lss ao n zaia hwon fisomreeds thi mo ose ptel tlss "cb this inmornt'g" it s nor clea hwhene remight oturn t. work wthisas aer vyti emo onalg,thinto he be tre andhi see ts mannd ae th wpeoplehod helperi bngim h ck ba, all thet pos ,peopleef jf be dzos anhe t sryecretaf o at ste. ou>> yo alson wboder aut io emot hnally,ow do you r,recovees pe wciallyapith ctorsel tling u yothall at? >> yo that bu'veaneen abdoned. l alt.righco ming up, ldcosplay iea g ring or up f one of itsot htest gigs, fr nont ma chrisar mtinls tel on anthony mas how the group's ea drm todl heaheine ter sup bowl lfhametiho sbew came are ality.we
8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
t let igo it let go >> is dney pesrinc lsesike in "f n"roze n areot their e.voicse rearchws shoha tt feemal ch tearacenrs oft talks les than ma le accharters. eranna w hner is were aith de eaeper mehning bheind t al diogue. r >>r:eportemo good rning.r fo cadede, d hisneyeeas bn ng maki -lfullength adnimate esfeaturre and catingc iconi techaracnyrs, mahe of tm mafele. namitingse thos movie more
8:14 am
ee>> kp insingg! r>>orepr:ten i disney's 8919 filmhe"tit ltle d"mermai ariel se lor s heicvoe ton avi el sea h.witc ac but g cordin to newchresear, e shsn i't they onlis dyne in pr lcesseft eespsschle. t >>het mosng thias i w sesurprids by wampthe colete ed prceominanal of me ro les. ep >> rr:ortes thiesprofansor d he tream found- - >>ve en ifhe tnc priesss i the st mo poemweredin fem rist ole l modenyou cane imagi for a gi shrl, ane c't be the shop ep kether or soe per cn inharge of in lightg thees candl inhe t ca stle. ep >> rr:ortehe and t d menho mucmo f re o thelktaing. n >>ot rightor f a womano t ad n sooheas ss startng getti s ideathand . inking>> te repornr: i91 19 ut"beaynd a the b" eastmathe lera chacter ok
8:15 am
"t heic magalld wor of al ad mdin"end nabbe90 %th of e li ne. is >> l ten to. me r >>r:eporteha but tast wn't wa alys theca se. >> n' i did tt meanogh friten yo u. r >>r:eporteal femect charaers ok spe as chmu,f i notth more an s,malen i eydisn's veryir fst e thressprince films.>> s it' dnmiight!>> t whenhey went over from "s eplegin tybeau "" tothetl lite me d"rmai theydd aored me accharndters at mosewof n ch acarters were ep>> rr:orteer othds hel their ow ecn in rentis dney 2 the012it h "brave"al feme acchar sters poke o74%thf e ,timee morthan anyer othne disypr ssincelm fi. l ett i go itlet go ep >> r aorter: near later in n""frozes it wa just41%.ev hoen tugh it's ary sto about tw sto sithers asat wtt wrinden a di core bctedwoy a man.>> k bacup . wdealiths thiok crore he. >>
8:16 am
m oblethis at? ou>> yd neeta to hake ttwt arorkas ho a wle.>> or rep ter:e""timib contr utor saidt' it s no aonly wboutd orco unt. w >>e e arngseeie mornwome in ar chndge ae moren wom tgakin cechanors, mome weien bng aectivin theol rest tha theyfi fulll d anirin theio ambitetn to g e thoss.role >> te reporr: buthe tey ar ok lo wing athat i bseing ,said wh itether 's dscomman, ap ieologr s, olicomp. ment y >>ouig fht .good eo >> pl ple alheover t rlwod, ey that are wchinesg thiee movs eyand thnc are idire blypupolar. mwhatgeessa arey the ingettg? >>!listen >>te lisn! is >> lten! is >> ddnney dipo't resnd to our onquesti forme a comnt but gh thou st says hhe ander t eam areak ting a lookt athe pixar afilmndar they e equally su d rprisenyhow ma g roleso to meinn ho tovse miesha t nmewon. w >>ean c'tat c ach k.brea
8:17 am
>> theim"te"tr conoributai sd wh that is exe conttht of e role?e arst they ndrong intepende ac charters oikr lein sleepg au berety whe s theyheleep t wholemovie. i >> g thinkndayle a i get to k speahamore trln chaie and i th wink heikould le that. >> ld i wou egencoura ,itth by e way. t' >> isom setimes erovngpoweri. l >> ie ike thodds. .>> yes >>nk thao you s.much>> a> howbout aer sup bowl ck kiitoff wh becarnet? licaiaforn'se winstinduopry hesto h casn in obithe meg gas.ou l t nfndlegekes lirl chaes wo n odso"bare g ottlinupth" eir canew s.reer f so inni wa ta gorso jeey chand oueck ott shtusy elccerli'rts poo,foli at whit's yo to u? 'or ia m tiscotassh mon e whostsasse m are adetoof s lneik he mertea. pa pa! reyou'n no soe!of min
8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
>> > one for cbs' su ornday mndning a i heres a w.previe or>> rep yter:otou g o kind af g bimigig co ng up,ayok? >>h. yea avwe he this -- this --s thi g. giyo d u coultcall i that. ep >> r dorter:oes it feel so g methinendiffer at thangi g? t >> i feels likeet somhing yo eeu've bnin buildgp ur you ol wh.e life di i edn't ixpectt tol fee quiteso t likehat but it's ae onc in aet lifime inthg.
8:21 am
foages. >> te reporour: yve ha? y >>eah. ep>> r sorter:ngomethie you'v ys alwad wanteto do? y >>eah. if youw gron up ithe tr couninyside an engl td,he r supeisbowl ik, laye sou y're g landinson marrr tomoow. ep>> rr:ortet whaheis t di auikence le isth? a gilaz plioneople? >> t ihink threeil gaz ilionf clyou ineude th tsou kirts. t >>erhe out hsboroug? >> yes. anyou c seent ahony n'masos te inwirview isth chrti marn this enweekdnd on suniay morng and ca tch aycoldpl at the s buperowl 50 al hshftime ow,ng aloh witthe ga big me, ndsuay,ru febtary 7h, ly onn o cbs.>> theer leath ckjaets,ow h manydo ntes a honyhave?
8:22 am
et>> g yourot mor yo wu'reinatchneg chanwsl 2 ne, ra cove cge youanou c ont tn.his is nn a chaewel 2 ndas upte. orgood mningth u ank yotcfor wahahing cnnel a2. i'mevndi guara. s let' isend tt overo olmeteorjeogist tiff marw nez nofo atr a wedaher upte. od
8:23 am
metio tecchyok oaur rh ds wit n r.j. iorthe "m 1e f-m"06.9af trntfic ceer! ithow's ng lookihe out tre, r. j.? cc no atsidenin or s cidentto po reghrt. hiad wind visoryth warough alshoe v 5ley on80 and 5,old 39pr high veofile hiclese aribproh. itedoaalso rondwork i- be80 eb botween aomtownndmo xpgul, eslect ffow traic andss po dibleelays. th -janks r. ssbusiners leadert in nohern da nevare gathethd for nueir anallo thok at l e locaomecony ye daster iy...ctn direions20 16. e th cyearlyreonfefonce oncuses th the healva of neda's st indu. ries..ioand pr fritiesor ow grinth movarg rsesente p had ae ositiv k outloothon norvaern ne. da.. ng citien doz ns ofinew buss esse a and ifsignt icanovimprt emeninou 'sr areaat repution. t bu athey tgree'sherell sti a loort of we k to bdone.
8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
o> onetwf the ots fia u sed bwille aonuctiedff on it jus ur hos at the city'so aut show. it ec beam abo syml of his style.w northe ca that'sat genering big zzbu.od gorn moing. >> good rnmoing, norah. sthis ill actuay theia ftt righ hahere tt theol hyhe fatr hee otr carl wil be on dayisplfo her t neni-day enevt. n i catell a you tmonghe nd hufreds o erbigg, fa mster,orelu ouxuris ,cars the small humbleon e isel liky tote sal the amplend stmode. fthistia 500 l hbaatchckms see e toymbodhe tri spi otfts i ioprevus pagessenopr, pe fr s.anci uc chatk keaning d b hobbyill we reor honed tool flow inis h holy stfooteps, rngolli outhe t fi t at a pthedehilaalphiut ao .show>> wa it s esaw ome.>>
8:29 am
pope anfrs cis'tvisi to il phphadeln ia iemsept fberor e thdworl mngeeti ofam fsilie wh erets momene liks thiam bece th e llhamark of the ntpo iff's t firsisu.s. vit. theeo ppople's lepe b ssed at keg'inths en10r--yeasoold n mi lchae who haser cl ebray.pals i >> h just tad tourn .awaymy mo etotions ok over. if my we an i bothav heer v y ro stfang ith. usit j stdeemee liks thi was helike tna pincle. a >>ndou yngra sopnoob bilby hl ex gechanftd giths wi the hyol th faer. ha>> tounk y so much. ft >> aer a panerformthce at e fe ostivallif famies. e' >> hs ay reallnice guy. ushe's jgut relar. or>> repter: s and ho wasis ride. now upor f>> nk i thire we'ng goi ty o, b bfar, areakor recdor fhe t bi tggesen attedancr eve at the il phholy sw. ec>> b oause tfhe car. n >>ubo dotut abo it. r >>teepor dr:idavel ker h is th eir chaman of this year's ow sh. t >> iahas ge ran of 543 s.mile >> wow.
8:30 am
fholyrathe satth in e back at se, it'sot g some pr caacti. lity ep>> rr:ortece sint that,visi o noasne hn beeed allowo t sit sein tho sreacacd bk e onlyfi signicant , changethend wihaows eeve b tnintedk bacto y factordastanrds. ng duripo the pe's t,visihe tre s waless s bhadeenetwe p theope thand ope pele. s>> ire theta a sg rtint poinfor e thesclvehies? >> re theo's nta sgrtin a base car like thisel sls for ndarou $25,000. th vae elu of the p copeould be a molot hare tn atth. >> or rep tter:hece pro fedsrom e thioauctiln wl go toev seral ol cathicri chaties in ad phil.elphiash biopim tothyee sn hopes this will rerainvigotehe t gdwooill c thatthame wi the pope's trip. >> s it'ara ct tha tells a ss methage alat co ls tushi tnk ab wout ho we're li,vingha wt our io pr aritiesndre at wha about e th wpeopleonho dav't hl e alth e at whave? r >>teeporr:s a forti kea angnd hi thll, erey wvie haheng t t ime
8:31 am
d thengancien que >> or rep jter:ngammi tohe t , beatkfthanorul fhe tle bgsssin woof tha cnceco en,untersne o th wi the poe pe, thr otheisin h ri de. 'sthatht rig. oandurf cohise ts ioauctn, ag ilain, wl be hngappeniat ler thisineveng. w, noon you dct't ayuall have to tbe a the autow sho m toeak an r. offeu yoidcan b neonli. zeorganirsel tle mthatre they' ng hopie by th endf o the t,nigh itthis labtle by is the most ivexpensr e cahein tld buiing. ta vini? or >> f a very goodau cse .indeedye s. lii tke thast ory. t >>dehat vifo ohe t guys g singinldshoup helt.sell i >> serup bowl 's50rn joueyo te thn sacifranysco ba area is insproutgn akeunlily nccoonessi es conc. sion f >> ihayou d to heav an fiofalcink dri ofup sler bow ,50 wwhat iouldbet ? i
8:32 am
he >> tnd nfl a itsas ponsi for this scaryit hne eard ca arlgsy'en dnis win demaan fiinde snitensuspeion. nohe k tckedhiser refeeo inttheic e. n widemayssa he iwasnn pai te afinr betg hise himlf a wndas
8:33 am
hepoater aisll hsed.>> rough sport.>> devio, r somein watchoog fltbal and dr binkingoeer g geto.ther ythissear'er supl bowisng bei ay plted a levidi staum inan sta clara, lica,fornia just 85 miles h soutof ama'ericsmi preerein wegi reon.da na jsoacob cn ofbsrt spos ne istwork here w hithow the ryindustmp iactshe t big .game godana, niod morng. i winebus big isiness n na anda sonom have arl neay $4 b0onilli i ompactnhe t s state'y.economan d so it's no sisurpre that the ryindustee has bn aig b drawor f theea tms andve eomn s te ofhe pl s ayer athatasre bn ed i that .areafo nyr matb fooall fa,ns ggsuties angnic offialam ge day ve be orage ttherbehan ouer wld c bedeonsired blemasphy. t noorso f dr. john rkyo. >> u if yo had toe hav an cioffirial dfnk oup sower bl ,50 at whld wou it. be>> it would be newi. r >>teepororr: yk isne o t ofhe ow
8:34 am
49ers. to m,hi lioocatsn i ytever. hing hy>> w do t you fhinkalootbdl an gwinegeo to? ther >>,wellec bause it iser northn fo cali arniande you'v gotcc aess toe som tofhewi best innes therl wod. r >>teeporher: trere arl neay 001,0 wsinerieit whin 100 miles of levist adium,ot h of this ar ye'sup ser wlbo.yo egrk bosan h eting oightfm theat ry evers 49eom hame ge in 2014in gr a proam calledal appanachi 49.>> ce sin wines i notss adociate th wirt spos enev nts, oone wanted tino buy toti putngin we hothroug ut itll reay sedtarthe re.of urcose, there wereou fr pe inexwinsive tnes whatere downon he tn mai floor.t buashi ts has grown,et bter an ttd beeres win areer sved ugthro thoutnthe eire dibuilng. >>te reporr: thedi stalum wil 16serve wines in theen geral siconcesa on are tathe big 0d 10 dreiffealnt cniifora ne wi ts inuihe stes.bu
8:35 am
eo ar biimbing. syorkaees ng growint it eres on amlg nf plerays. ou>> yan cd fin on everyap t e op pehole w areer intteesd in wi ndne a wtan to know moreut aboe thndwine a ho ow t imakedt an me so getnv idolve with the ac dtualopevel amentnd pr tioducf on ep>> rr:orte c youldou sayha tt g fallininov le with wine is me sowhf at ooba jaz hardth in e bay area. skjust ar formers 49e qu acarterb jkoe ntmoana, f ormer anoakld rdeairsua qbarterckk ric anmeyer d this guy. s >>erupow blin r. g on ou>> yan c'tr pou wein as well thwi a serupow bl ngri. >> or rep cter:esharloo wdson is n know oasne ofhe t l'nfst bes nsdefeive pls.ayerbu tet aftir re fring tromhe le ueagt aethnd e ofhi ts se , asonthtue fualre hl ofer famis nowus focingn o the w inebe lal hert staedve or a deecad o. ag >> this is our 0820. ha >> wout do yab like itout ?
8:36 am
tewomates uld say, it'ser vy thsmoo. >> or rep vter:chery s arlewo odson.>> veryha crles won.odso r >>teepors r: aisis h new ta g stin iroome n ththear of pa nall vaey. eeit flse more lik apo srtsar b anth w ae inunlo wgehitod ntos oeachsf hi stops in his ol pr cificr,aree theni uitversy ofic m whiganhere he won a he n ismanaand altion amchonpiipsh. h >>roe ththws, sse paod, wo sonpi ickedt f.of ep>> rr:orte g thereen bay ck pawhers heere a woner sup wl bo. thand kle oaraand s.ider i >>t'snt iptercended ake picd f ofhaby crles won.odso >> or rep wter:hereoo wondsh bot n begaand ended his pssrofelionare caer.>> rl chaes woodson. r >>r:eporte d whereidou yr love w ofcoirn me from? m >>t y firststinit wh the s raideri got dedraft here in '98 and i knew nngothibo aut .wine d an i sedtarteh somow irt staed kidrinng otmerl. >> or rep wter:soood ikon lane my t inheai rdersra fhinc wseas tr inedoducwi to hine wle te atinnde g thteam's annual ngtraini camp inna pa. >>ve eryim toue yt wen out o art
8:37 am
m i'ngcomi o outf waere sn't tucoo mhe win dr inngki.>> ep rr:ortedi he erscovhaed t t heed lik itnd an i d2001g urinhi urs foeath s asont tinraing ca hemp, met mawineker rickz rui whoal tked wonoodso int cinreatg owhis n l.labe >>le ath otesr ceitlebr iies,'m go toing p mutye namn o , itit'sgo ing toe b cesharlds wooone win thbut at's.itwh asat wfe dif arent bout lechars? e >> hedwantbe to inedvolv.i nk thi tt'ha wstha- -s i w hywe st're heill re, you know, 16 years b laterseecaurl chaes ed want to beol invnved i it. r >>r:eporte won'odsos ndhas-on ap chproack quiaily pd offhe wn 20his 10er cabnetad me thee win sp toectator's p 100. list>> the coverf o thee win sp toectaicr wh wh be've -een- wh icugh is hen iur oe win rlwod, you .knowi told s,charle this ise lik nn wiine g thwine ishe man. i >>tnt mea a great deal. 'sthatpe resilctabity in t hene wi uncommity.e th b winesusines is aun fny bu sssine. lepeop't don i drinkaut becse ofyo
8:38 am
it'sll aut abot' whans ihe t .bottleit ll's abo authe tce jui ashe tysa y. or>> rep tter:e he win bhad toe aei hsmanro tphyni win ngwine? >> teabsoluly. 'sitot g a to be t's goto be ach onampi. wthat's hat in the we has to be theam se thing. ep >> r aorter:dsnd wool on wilbein ay the b axtrea ne weekin makg s hilusuapp aesearanco, als ar shsing hi winehe wn n youight peexct, their ente iwiney ndustr riseally in on e th b superowl onthg e lihigh,ghtshe tte tas sofomonwia oune lnge atup s er wl boy citn ira san fncisco and th heen t tre'shea napin we tr ain.ey the 'rgrunninhi ts bige gam tr ain ondawednesy. nfl ayplveers, en a coach,ch coave rmiel,ho wav hen bee turned in to viticininier s will be on boardri shang their wines, more et athlboes on ard as well. >> s soundik le a good time. t' >> its greag seeinth a letesin dogsg thin tsouide ofhe tir sport. t >>ishis y reall a th p isn't nut myame a on l. labe wheouent dt andid the es harvtingay one d a aftere gam
8:39 am
weth out ere,as it w pyrobabl e th firstim tvee erom syebod edcalllo him swec beause h was tt gelaing dughe by the gwhuys o rm noo ally dthe tiharvesng. ni>> ce, outhgh,t tha'rtheye ab leo t goo tthedi staum and ha heve tse -ehighnd wi nes.>> 'l> weokl lok bac at sofome stthe mo unetforgtable moments tof atth c's uomingpex n rt,htig he n re o t"cbsrnhis mo"ing. ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders
8:40 am
anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
8:41 am
> >>oethat dors it f .usvi ni wtaill beer home torrow on bs "cs thiinmorng." k thanfoyou inr bethg wi us. >> ay alwpls a reeasu. > >>tunent i tohe "evcbs g eninws neni" towight ttth scoy pelle and work our d nigitalews tw neork 24/7or fs new at cbsn. at>> deb weill go onor with ouwith.t mr umtrp. >> theeu fwed beten dtronald umpan nd foxsews i now on.
8:42 am
not in the room. w >>ill i getor me ores ls vo tes?no nobody kws. pl>> peoe my age thiounk y're di esshont. i >>e 'vbethen on t e fronlines ha of cndnge agr proesins sce i wa s your age.>> i just saw aan wom cngursi us becacoe she aruld btely ge outof ho her . me hi >> ts is a little curidilous. ndsnow ay nobod is coming. >> it's an -taroundckhe-clo e massiv rsnowalemov rteffo. n>>eveeer snod floinhig ts bad. w>> youmeant go to t downhere th wimo a p? ll >> a three menre ain facg ge chars ofap escing jail. l >>set uno kw wherehe ty are e becausrethey are ext amelyrmed and ngdaer ous. >> this is a free-a-forll ma ar!geddon t'>> is unclear whoed fir rsfit. i >>t's cngausi ntcoatamin ion. t >>oxic adle! el >> wvel han see theas lt ma betchup ttweendyom brand a onpeytni manng. >> to peynnn ma ding,ouid yr eve inthk in theup ser bowl, you'd op posehim? o >>h,wo w! is>> he one oef th f iirstn the
8:43 am
ik>> i le a bacon andheese uibisct. a >>hnd hass brown andhr tow in the paesncako! to h >>e can kick isis! >> sahe is l reato pisl! ea>> y y yeaea! t >>his is one ofy m finer pi .eceszz buaifeed sd i love gae'yls cr est plate.>> , gaylenoyou kw ie lov you ve h.ry muc nei'm wirvous u,th yoo s lete m tlisteno f you.irstgo ad ahe. >> s j.b.,top lktaing. ho>> w gotte betr gsrade iign hhsc yohool, u or the prt?esiden i >>ors it f meer pysonall a t goodhingad, a b thing? hi >> tbos is a hutim snghowi thstreng and doonminati. y >>baou're d. you owkn? >> myom m isor mndmon a my dad
8:44 am
they say, okay,k pic onsomee! ow i kne you'r afarwaroy fmr you mifaly. >> d he isllrunk aim the te and ouif yer we drunk t allheim te d you'e bet rired too! l >> iov me y >>eou hat your job. >> iov le my job. i >>ht thougnt he was to be i t aiin i s'sd lete havim h ti audion and i put - him- no .no ow >> n a lryegendack bla en netertaiilr wl bela pyed by a e whitactor. i >>t'm ack sho yed asou might . be>> t i wanto knowan ce h dance? >>e can h onmo?walk >> in depasana,to they eld m you t haveathe greobest j in am icer a. >> o. i d >> y andavou hehe t bstigge
8:45 am
tesoluly! ch nean2 l wsnepd m goodorningan thfok you hir watcnnng chael2. nd i'm aari gueva.
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yethe onarly ce ferencsefocus onth the healva of neda's st indu. ries..ioand pr fritiesor mgrowthfooving rward. en presadters hit a posive ou ontlook er northvan ne. da.. ti cienng dozofs b newseusiness a and ifsignt icanovimprt emeninr ou rarea'sioeputatn. t bu athey tgree'sherell sti a of lot to work ne be do. ke mihe: "trere as thingd we nee o to domas a c tmunityo llbasicaily bu od onur as infrtutruco re themeet ted ne js, not tust of ,esla but tall oferhe oth c greatesompanith otat ny onlmiare coe,ng hert buare ighere r."ht now sp the aeakerscot the cenferen u alsomprged introvemeurs in o ioeducatemn syst w... asell as
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